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Summit Point is committed to the task of Going or being "Missional." Jesus sent His disciples on a mission. The Missional church defines itself in terms of its mission—being sent ones who take the gospel to and incarnate the gospel within all cultures.

Summit Point Church is looking to expand what we have been doing in order to home plan more individuals from DOC or BOP. We have been doing ministry in this area for a number of years and have received many referrals from local agencies to increase our ability to take more JIIs.

The initiative will convert the main part of our old church facility to accommodate this program. Once the conversion is completed, we will offer those coming from prison or from P&P referrals a program. This program will feature the following three phases.

Phase 1: Stability Phase (three months)
A.    Biblical Recovery and Anger Management Coursework.
B.    Church attendance and Bible Study
C.    Case Management and Counseling.
D.    Career readiness.

Phase 2: Work Engagement (Flexible Timeframe)
A.    Find and start work.
B.    Develop budgeting skills.
C.    Ongoing church involvement.
D.    Ongoing Case Management and Counseling (PRN)

Phase 3: Launch (Move to Independent Housing or Summit Transitional Housing).

Summit Point Highlights

Summit Point is a unique ministry that is nearly 100 years old.

Here are the highlights.

  1. We are Felon Friendly w/ 80% Justice-Involved.
  2. 15+ members are Registered Sex Offenders
  3. Homeless Ministry – 5 Years
  4. Reentry Program – 5 years
    1. Community Partnerships with Probation and Parole, City Union Mission, Shelter KC, Mo. DOC.
  5. 26 units of Transitional Housing for men who have been Homeless or from Prison Release
    1. 2 houses and a total of 4 facilities.
    2. Affordable Housing Options for fixed income and JIIs with restricted housing requirements.
    3. Case Management
    4. Recovery Classes, Anger Management Course
    5. Ongoing Educational Opportunities
  6. Trauma Healing Groups (THGs)
    1. Summit Point Provides Trauma Healing groups for our community.
    2. Partner with regional churches to provide THGs in their churches.
    3. Special THGs for First Responders
  7. Sharing the Hope
    1. A community fellowship group for men who are in recovery or recently released from jail/prison. We host this at a local coffee shop in the evenings.