Summit Point Church

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We are aware that we live in a new day where many people are dealing daily with raising concerns over COVID-19 or the Corona virus through out our State and City. We understand that many people are afraid and anxious about their health and living safe.

Summit Point COVID-19 Plan.
SPC is located in Jackson County, and is only affected by county health department requirements, at this time. We have face mask and hand sanitizer throughout the building and encourage anyone who feels the need to wear a mask to do so.

We recommend social-distancing as well. We also recognize this is Christ's church and the family of God is a close knit group that loves to meet together. We are taking steps to reassure members as well as visitors in order help them feel more comfortable by offering tools that let them share their preferences in an easy, visible way. These new Social Comfort Zone lanyard cards can help let other people know your comfort level in a non-judgemental way.