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New Sermon Series.

The Apostle Paul wrote several letters to the church to encourage the believers in their daily walk with Jesus. As we travel through life, Paul's instructions are a guide for us in our own Journey of Faith. We learn how to live the Christian faith in our daily life together, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Welcome To Summit Point KC.
I would personally like to thank you for dropping by our site. We are excited about what is going on here at Summit Point.

Our vision is to become a diverse community (Ethnically, Generational and Social-Economics)  of believers, as reflected in the community we serve, who worship and grow together in our Lord Jesus Christ. Here is our purpose statement:

       Summit Point Church is committed : “To Lead Christianess People to Become Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ.”

What is the point of having a purpose if you do not have a strategy for bringing it to life in the heart's of our people? I invite you to check out how our purpose connects in every way to our church life, as we summit together. The Christian faith is not meant to be done alone, but as a family, gong on the journey together.


One last thing I need to mention, Summit Point Church is proud to be Felon Friendly. This means we invite Justice-Involved Individuals to join us for church, come to Bible study and even serve. WHY! Because God's grace is for all sinners. If He can forgive all of us and the Blood of Christ has covered all of our sins, that includes everyone. We like to say that God can use any story for His Glory.


May the Lord Richly Bless You,

Pastor Charles Beeghley

Pastor Charles submitted to Resolutions to the 2021 SBC Convention in Nashville, TN.
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Summit Point Church,
812 S. Sterling, Independence.

Sunday Services:
Breakfast begins at 9:30
Worship Service 10:30 AM

Your Tithes and Gifts help Support the Ministry of Summit Point Church. Thank you for your tax deductible donations.

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